Boost your immunity through our products.
Boost your immunity through our products.
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Ayur Face Mask | Double Layered | Turmeric & Neem | 1 Mask
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Ayur Face Mask | Double Layered | Turmeric & Neem | 1 Mask

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Our Face Masks are made out of 100% organic cotton dyed using Turmeric, Neem, and other herbs. Itƒ??s anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial benefits.?ÿ

100% Organic Cotton of Size - 80s X 80s and 92s X 88s

Processed in 48 different herbs and spices
Ingredients for Dye: Red sandalwood, Basil, Turmeric, Indigo, Aloe vera, Deodar, Wild basil, Rama thulasi, Chittaratha, Hibiscus rosa, Long pepper, Mace, Nutmeg, Star anise, Black cardamom, Henna, Neem, Vetiver, Ashoka, Adalodakam, Licorice, Kasturimanjal, Pomegranates.


Turmeric works wonders on condition-riddled skin. It can also help reduce redness from blemishes and calm skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Turmeric is excellent for acne because it is a natural antiseptic and helps to keep bacteria/viruses from spreading. Neem is a power ingredient when it comes to skincare. It is an essential ingredient in Ayurveda as it contains beneficial compounds that have antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties all of which are extremely beneficial for the skin. Neem moisturizes skin and makes it soft and supple. Itƒ??s anti-fungal properties also helps lighten scars and pigmentation that are caused by acne. Neem is also known to cure pimples on the face.

Wash with mild detergents, dry, and iron properly